Passport and Visa Applicants are reminded of the need to follow the laid down procedures on our website on passport and visa applications and to duly complete all the fields on the application forms with accurate information, to avoid delays in the processing of their applications. Applicants are also to note that fees paid for consular services will not be refunded once paid into government account.

Double payments are avoidable when transfers for services are made well in advance. Alternatively, in order to expedite the transfer process, the Mission recommends that consular fees are paid at the Deutsche Bank to avoid delays associated with inter-bank transfers. It is recommended that the names of applicants are linked to payments and reference number (for visa applicants only).

In case of instant and express passport and visa service, cash payments could be made at the Embassy. To enhance service delivery, a numbering system is now in place at the Consular Section and clients are advised to pick up numbers and wait for their turn in an orderly atmosphere.

Please note that, for biometric passports, applicants are advised to present themselves at the Consular Section only on the date and time of the appointment.

Strict adherence to the above will facilitate service delivery by the Embassy.

The Embassy reiterates its desire to offer efficient service at the Consular Section. This is however achievable only with the cooperation of applicants.

Thank You.